Interviewing Skills Training Course

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3rd February 2019

Third Level

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Learn how to conduct effective interviews and pick the best people for the job in your business with our Interviewing Skills Training Course.

Learn how to prepare effective interview questions and selection criteria, structure the interview and ask questions in the right way to ensure you give the candidate the best chance possible to show you how good they are.

Course Objectives

By the end of Interviewing Skills Training Course, attendees will:

  • Know what the required skills are to carry out an effective interview
  • Be able to plan and prepare for an interview
  • Be able to right first impressions to candidates
  • Know what questions to ask and how to record the answers
  • Understand what to avoid asking during the interview
  • Know how to choose the right person for the job


Handshake to seal a deal after a job recruitment meeting in an office

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